Pizza Oven 52x52 FPZ01.E11 Z5F Electric 1 Deck

Stock Code: Omk.FPZ01.E11.0501.Z5F

Standard Features

• 1,2,3 floor oven options
• High temperature resistant refractory baking stone
• 400 °C maximum operating temperature
• Bottom and top adjustable temperature control
• Interior lighting
• Tempered cover glass
• Model options in different sizes
• With stainless steel resistances
homogeneous heat distribution
• Operation at different temperature setting
• High performance in serial cooking
• Stainless steel body
• Cooking stone and body suitable for contact with food

Technicial Specifications

Operating voltage230(V/Hz)
Insurance Selection1×25(A)
Cable cross section3×2,5(mm²)
Net weight49,5 kg(kg)
Gross weight61 kg(kg)
Product Size700x760x360(mm)
Box Size740x800x490mm(mm)


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