Commercial Gas & Electric Cookers


Electrıc Cookers

Cooker - OCK02.E11

Ocak - OCK02.E11

Cooker - OCK02.E21

Ocak - OCK02.E21


Gas Cookers

Cooker - OCK02.L11 Mını LPG

Cooker - OCK02.L21 Mini LPG - 2 pcs

Ocak - OCK02.L21 Mini LPG - 2 Li

Cooker - OCK02.N11 Mını Natural Gas

Ocak - OCK02.N11 Mini Doğalgaz

Cooker - OCK02.N21 Mını Natural Gas- 2 pcs

Ocak - OCK02.N21 Mini Doğalgaz - 2 Li

Cooker - OCK03.N11 Gas

Ocak - OCK03.N11 Gazlı

Cooker - OCK03.N21 Gas - 2 pcs

Omake Commercial Gas & Electric Cookers have 2 different options, electric and gas. The gas model has lpg, tube and natural gas models. Our industrial furnaces have single and double chamber models. It gives high performance in serial cooking at different temperature settings. It has a stainless steel body suitable for contact with food.