Commercial Sausage Boil Machines


Sausage Boıl Machınes

Sausage Boıl - SSH01.E11

Sosis Haşlama - SSH01.E11

Sausage Boıl - SSH11.E11 - 4 Stakes

Sosis Haşlama - SSH11.E11 - 4 Kazıklı

Sausage Boıl - SSH02.E11 - 4 Stakes

Sausage Boil Stock Code: Omk.SSH02.E11.0004.Z5F

Our OmakeCommercial Sausage Boil Machines work with electricity. Our industrial sausage blanching machines consist of 2 models. The large model has a scalding machine and 4 piles. It makes your work easier with the glass cylinder and removable lid to heat the sausages and keep them warm. It gives high performance in serial cooking at different temperature settings. It has a body suitable for contact with food.