Commercial & Industrial Bar Blenders



Blender - BLE41 E15 - 2 Lt Quiet

Stock Code: Omk.BLE41.E15.0203.Z5F


Bar Blender - BLE01 E11 - 3 Lt wıth Sensor

Blender Stock Code: Omk.BLE01.E11.0201.Z5F

Bar Blender BLE01.E11 - 3Lt

Blender Stock Code: Omk.BLE01.E11.0203.Z5F

Bar Blender BLE01.E15 - 3Lt Sensor

Blender Stock Code: Omk.BLE01.E15.0104.Z5F

Bar Blender BLE01.E15 - 3Lt

Blender Stock Code: OMK.BLE01.E15.0201.Z5F


Bar Blender - BLE11 E11 - 3 Lt With Sensor

Blender Stock Cod: Omk.BLE11.E11.0101.Z5F

Bar Blender - BLE11 E11 - 3 Lt

Blender Stock Code: Omk.BLE11.E11.0203.Z5F

Bar Blender - BLE11 E15 - 3 Lt With Sensor

Blender Stock Code: OMK.BLE11.E15.0104.Z5F

Bar Blender - BLE11 E15 - 3 Lt

Blender Stock Code: Omk.BLE11.E15.0203.Z5F


Bar Blender - BLE02 E11 - 3 Lt Transparent

Blender Stock Code: OMK.BLE02.E11.0204.Z5F

Bar Blender - BLE02 E15 - 3 Lt. Transparent

Blender Stock Code: OMK.BLE02.E15.0203.Z5F


Bar Blender - BLE12 E11 - 3 Lt. Transparent

Blender Stock Code: Omk.BLE12.E11.0204.Z5F

Bar Blender - BLE12 E15 - 3 Lt. Transparent

Blender Stock Code: Omk.BLE12.E15.0203.Z5F




Bar Blender - BLE05.E11 - 2 Lt

Blender Stock Code: Omk.BLE05.E11.0201.Z5F

Bar Blender - BLE05.E15 2 Lt

Blender Stock Code: Omk.BLE05.E15.0203.Z5F


Bar Blender - BLE15 E11 - 2 Lt

Blender Stock Code: Omk.BLE15.E11.0201.Z5F

Bar Blender - BLE15 E15 - 2 Lt

Blender Stock Code: Omk.BLE15.E15.0204.Z5F

Explore In-Depth Information About Our Bar Blender Machines

Bring taste and speed together with Omake Commercial & Industrial Bar Blenders and take your drinks to the top! Cocktails, smoothies and juices are now smooth and refreshing. It will be indispensable for your business with its powerful engines, variable volume options and durable designs.

In the realm of commercial and industrial kitchens, bar blender machines stand out as indispensable tools. Omake takes pride in being a premier manufacturer of high-quality bar blender machines, dedicated to offering our customers the finest products available. Here’s a comprehensive look at Omake bar blender machines to help you gain a deeper understanding.

Omake bar blender machines are renowned for their durability. With robust motors and sturdy construction, they exhibit longevity in high-demand kitchen environments, ensuring years of seamless operation.

Functionality is a hallmark of Omake bar blender machines. Catering to a wide range of beverage preparation needs, they enable effortless preparation of various drinks, from cocktails to smoothies to milkshakes and more.

Ease of use is another key feature of Omake bar blender machines. Designed with user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-clean parts, they are suitable for users of all skill levels, ensuring hassle-free operation.

Safety is paramount in Omake bar blender machines. Manufactured to the highest safety standards, they come equipped with safety locks and automatic shutdown features, ensuring safe operation at all times.

In summary, Omake bar blender machines excel in preparing quality beverages in professional kitchens. With their durability, functionality, ease of use, and safety features, they stand out as the perfect choice. Contact us today for more information and let us assist you in selecting the right bar blender machine for your needs!

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