Grill - IZG01.N11 Cast Gas - 40 cm

Stock Code: Omk.IZG01.N11.2040.000

Standard Features

•Electric or gas options
• Manual model options
• Steel or cast plate cooking plate surface
• Piezo ignition for gas models
• Available in different sizes
• Stainless steel heaters and burners provide homogeneous heating.
• Operation at desired heating temperature
• High performance during dynamic operation
• Power ON and Ready to Cook LED indicators
• Stainless steel body
• Cooking plates and body suitable for food contact

Technicial Specifications

Net weight18(kg)
Gross weight20(kg)
Product Size480x400x270(mm)
Box Size570x440x310(mm)
Gas TypeNG(V/Hz)
Gas Power2,7(V/Hz)
Gas Consumption0,28(V/Hz)
Gas Pressure21(V/Hz)


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