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Dishwasher - BYM01.E15.4002

Stock Code: Ati.BYM01.E15.4001.Z5F
Stock Code: Ati.BYM01.E15.4002.Z5F

Standard Features

• Stainless steel body, boiler and washing tank.
• Automatic control panel.
• Different washing programs.
• Provides savings in energy, detergent and water usage.
• Easy evacuation.
• It has IP21 protection standard against water.
• Drain pump is standard in BYM350 – BYM400 and BYM500 models.
• Detergent and rinse aid pump option.
(Codes ending with 3502-4002-5002-1002)
• 5 different washing programs.
– Program number 1 is 60 sec.
– Program number 2 is 90 seconds.
– Program number 3: 120 sec.
– Program number 4: 180 sec.
– Program no. 5, 240 sec.

Technicial Specifications

Operating Voltage230(V/Hz)
Insurance Selection (A)
Cable Cross Section (mm²)
Net Weight39.0(kg)
Gross Weight48.0(kg)
Product Size490x590x770(mm)
Box Size550x680x890(mm)
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