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Burger - BRG01.E15

Stock Code: Omk.BRG01.E15.0001.U50

Standard Features

• Upper and lower grill plate can be controlled separately.
• Steel Bottom and Top Plates.
• Teflon film coated top plate for non-stick grill surface.
• Suitable for professional use.
• After the program ends, the plate grid opens automatically.
• Adjustable upper plate grid height.
• 6 different adjustable timing programs.
•Max. 250 °C operating temperature for the upper plate and 300 °C for the lower plate.

Technicial Specifications

Operating Voltage 230 (V/Hz)
Power 6.0 (kW)
Insurance Selection
Cable Cross Section (mm²)
Net Weight 65.0 (kg)
Gross Weight 74.0 (kg)
Product Size 400x720x425 (mm)
Box Size 450x850x560 (mm)
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